artasa catalogue  [9]

artasa catalogue

ARTASA Classic
A section gathering figurative paintings
Set of antics (LD)

Designed by Artasa, the collections are illustrating a cultural heritage, and particularly the Islamic culture. All the designs can either be painted by hand, either printed (digital art prints).

Available media: watercolor paper, canvas (polyester, cotton, fire resistant).  
A handmade coating is applied on printed canvases. A luxury coating option shows a thickness on some details of the paintings and gives the look and feel of a handmade painting.

The canvases can be stretched or framed, with or without an inner frame.
The prints on watercolor paper can be framed with acrylic glass, clear glass or non-reflective glass. 2 types of frame bars are available: wooden bars and resin bars.

ARTASA Islamic Art

Arts playing with traditional shapes of the Islamic culture
set of 4 screen prints (LD)

Designed by Artasa, the collections plays with the geometric and floral patterns of the Islamic culture as well as the traditional shapes of the Islamic world.

A gilding work and the traditional technique of screen-printing are used to showcase the designs. The staging and the finishes add to the richness of the works, an original and contemporary touch. 

Our workshop can use foils of gold, silver or copper colors. The artworks are available under a wide range of finishes to suit all budget.

Our advice is to hang the artworks by set of 2 pieces minimum, in order to get an impressive rendering and a stunning wall decoration.

ARTASA Photos - with a know-how in very high resolution photos (over 200 Mpixel)

photo for web site

ARTASA Contemporary -
extensive choice of abstract styles
rêveries (450x200)