An Art Studio inspired by Cultures  [8]

An Art Studio inspired by Cultures


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Produced on order or to enrich its collections,
ARTASA artworks are designed with the aim to contribute to create signature interiors 

The feature of ARTASA artworks is to combine several production techniques to handmade touches. Produced with the collaboration of an international network of professional artists and craftsmen, they usually mix the most traditional academic artistic techniques and ancestral art craftsmanship, with the newest technologies and materials.    

Through ARTASA catalogue, discover our know-how

•  ARTASA Classic 

    gathering figurative paintings figurative paintings illustrating a cultural heritage,
    and especially the Islamic culture

•  ARTASA Islamic Art  
    playing with traditional Islamic geometric patterns of the Islamic culture 

•  ARTASA Seaside  
    showcasing illustrations of marine and costal life 

•  ARTASA Contemporary 
    gathering a large choice of abstract styles

•  ARTASA Photos
with a special know how in very high resolution images (over 150 million pixels)

•  ARTASA Gallery
promoting signature artists

Strengthened by 10 years of experience and a proven know-how in art project management, ARTASA develops a flexible production organization to suit to the requirements of projects in terms of quality and budget.

Internationally oriented and particularly active in the GCC region, ARTASA markets its offering towards the Hospitality Industry, and more precisely towards mid-range up to luxury units. ARTASA also works for commercial Real-Estate projects (offices, lounges…) and selected wholesalers and upscale retailers.